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Yunho to B1A4: Don’t be that group who wishes to be together for 5-6yrs,Be a group who wishes to be tgt 10-15 years from now

cassies are red,
strawberries are too,
can’t perform in korea,
without my love cho kyu.

a poem by shim changmin (via plincess-cho)



Interviewer: Do you have something that you want to do/achieve within this year?

Changmin: I want to go on a trip. I have not had any chance to go on a trip privately. It’s very true. Not a single time! Whether it is in a foreign country or within Korea, I want to go on a trip that got…


t/n @GaemGyu: Broadcasting our eating escapades while in the midst of my tour of delicious restaurants with Shim Chwang.. ㅋㅋㅋ Sokcho red crab… Soy bean knife-cut noodles… Eating and sightseeing in Gyeongju ^^  (c)